Sport at Columba College

From the Director of Sport

2021 has been another outstanding year of Sport. Columba offered 30 different sports to students, at all levels, to accommodate the competitive athletes as well as those that just enjoy being active.

Columba College has a participation rate above 80% which, considering the national average of 60%, shows the huge commitment and dedication of our students. The Sports and House Prefects have worked hard to encourage participation in sport, particularly in interhouse events. It was great to see so many students getting involved, having fun supporting not only their friends, but also their fellow house members. Swimming Sports, Athletics Day and Cross Country were the standouts of interhouse sport. These events highlighted not only house spirit, but also the depth of sporting potential and talent that is at Columba.

The top-quality coaches at Columba are one of our greatest assets. They work hard to encourage and help the athletes. As a result, the skills of our teams and athletes have improved immensely. Columba has National Coaches, Otago Coaches, Club Coaches and Southern Steel Coaches working with the teams. It is impressive to see the results that have been achieved, not only within the Otago region, but at the South Island and National level too.

Enjoyment is a big factor in sport at Columba College. We are proud of the positive culture around school sport, as it nurtures not only wellbeing, but also talent too, as often athletes who enjoy their sports will play better.

A big thank you to the Sports Council. Columba are very lucky to have such a supportive Council. Without their assistance we would not be able to run things as effectively and efficiently as we do.

Also, to the staff involved in sport at Columba, we are beyond grateful for your help. It is a big job on top of an already busy workload, and we are fortunate to have your passion and enthusiasm.

Lastly, my report would not be complete without the mention of the sporting parents and families at Columba. We are blessed with some of the best. Your support is exemplary, and the drive, determination and perseverance you bring is always appreciated.

Columba athletes are creative, innovative, selfless, respectful and vibrant. As the Director of Sport, I have been inspired by these young women and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for them once they have hung up the Columba Uniform. It has been a privilege to see the mental, social and physical rewards that they have gained from sport.

This year, Columba has had exceptional success with selection at the National level. Seven students have been chosen to represent New Zealand, in Basketball, Diving, Equestrian, Figure Skating and Multisport. We also boast 70 Otago Representative Athletes across a large number of sports. This is a phenomenal achievement for such a small school, and one that continues to impress from year to year. 

From competitive success to social enjoyment, it has been a joy to watch and support a variety of Columba teams this year. The sportsmanship, grace, discipline and hard work that has been displayed, both on and off the field, has been truly outstanding. There is so much to celebrate and be proud of. 

Dayna Turnbull, Director of Sport.

Sports Awards:

 37 Blues Recipients

 24 First Year Blues were awarded for various codes

 32 Junior students were selected in a Senior A Team

 68 Students were coaching sports teams

 23 Students were referees, umpires or officials of sports

 70 Otago Age Group Representatives

 6 High Achiever Accolades

 7 New Zealand Representatives

Special Awards:

 Team of the Year – Senior A Touch (3rd in New Zealand)

 Sports Council Coaching Award – Jo Morrison, 10 A Netball

 S English and S Wood Cup for Commitment and Sportsmanship – Madeline Loudon

 Sports Personality Trophy – Rachael Turner

 Integrity in Sport – Caitlin O’Brien

 Shona Harvey Inspire and Excel Cup – Jorja Dinan

 The Moore Impact and Leadership - Rachael Turner

 Sportsperson of the Year – Jorja Dinan

 Runner-up to Sportsperson of the Year – Caitlin O’Brien

 Junior Sportsperson of the Year – Alexa Duff

 Runner-up to Junior Sportsperson of the Year – Charli Sinclair and Zara Pratley

 Year 8 Sportsperson of the Year - Delilah Brown

 Runner-up to Year 8 Sportsperson of the Year - Lula Joseph