The SADD netball gameColumba College vs John McGlashan College by Jorja Dinan

SADD - Students against Dangerous Driving

SADD aims to raise awareness against dangerous driving.

This year, the SADD committee at Columba College consisted of two students from Yr 13, and four students from Yr 12. A large number of students put their names forward to be part of the team, which is promising for the future of the committee.

Emma McDonald and Riley Piebenga attended the SADD conference, one weekend, at John McGlashan College. It was a great experience for all those involved; an opportunity to learn from, and share with, other students from around Dunedin. We were encouraged to learn about the numerous other events that helped to promote awareness.

Also, Columba hosted a game of Prefect netball, where the SADD team awarded prizes to students who could answer road safety questions correctly.

Unfortunately, Remember September events were cancelled, due to COVID restrictions.

We hope that next year's SADD committee really embrace the significance of the group. We aspire to make our community safer, to ensure that Columba students feel more confident on New Zealand roads.