Digital Technology: Level 1

Qualification - NCEA level 1

Course Overview

Digital Technologies (and Technology as a whole) is Intervention by design. We focus on building ākonga digital skills and technical knowledge that allow them to apply technological ideas in a digital environment. We look at fundamental principles and concepts that existing and emerging technology are built on. This knowledge will allow users to quickly adapt to new challenges.

We focus these key areas:

  • How computers represent data

  • Computational thinking and programming

  • Digital Media - static and animated digital media outcomes

  • Human Computer Interaction

We look at the creation and manipulation of digital images and their use in animations and websites. We explore different design principles and how they can be used to enhance the user experience. Factors that go into the development of user interfaces are explored and evaluated and applied to improve the student’s digital outcomes.

They will learn about the digital design and development processes used to create, test, and evaluate digital outcomes. Ākonga will practise manaakitanga as they learn to prioritise users in the outcomes they develop, and understand how Digital Technologies outcomes impact on the people who use them. (NZ Ministry of Education)

Finally we explore key programming concepts and how they can be used in the development of digital outcomes.

Big Ideas

  • The discipline of Digital Technologies embodies whanaungatanga. Outcomes are made by people, for people, within cultural, social, and environmental contexts

  • Digital outcomes are created for a purpose by following established processes

  • The discipline of Digital Technologies embodies auahatanga. Outcomes solve problems and enhance and expand human possibilities

  • All digital technologies are underpinned by algorithms and computer science principles

Digital Technologies: Level 1