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Chinese: Level 1

Course Overview

By engaging with this subject, students develop the ability to communicate in Chinese (Mandarin) and connect meaningfully with people in different communities around the world.

By engaging in Chinese (Mandarin), students gain skills and knowledge that can lead to, and support, a wide range of pathways. The ability to communicate in more than one language helps students stand out. Students with the knowledge of an additional language demonstrate that they are committed to their learning and are interested in the world beyond their own. This is a considerable advantage and enhances employability in any career.

Big Ideas

  • Learning languages is about connecting to, and communicating within and across cultures and communities
  • Languages express meaning through unique forms of communication
  • Language, culture, and identity are inextricably linked
  • Learning languages encourages diverse ways of thinking, doing, and being
  • Language learning is an empowering process that involves risk-taking and fosters resilience and perseverance

Topics Covered

1. Whanau我的家人

  • 我和家人 me and family
  • 宠物 pets
  • 爱好 hobbies

2. School 学校 

  • 科目subjects
  • 为什么喜欢/不喜欢 why like/dislike
  • 我的学校 describe your school

3. Weekend 周末

  • 了/过 and会Past and future tense
  • 周末计划 weekend plan
  • 假期holidays

4. Class party

  • 生日会 birthday party
  • 衣服和颜色 clothes and colour
  • 吃的和喝的 eating and drinking

Key Assessment information

Year 11 Chinese course offers 20 credits towards the attainment of NCEA Level One. Course content is assessed both internally and externally throughout the year.

Chinese: Level 1