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French: Level 3

Course Outline

This course is assessed according to the NCEA Level 3 schedule. It further develops the skills acquired in Level 2. A range of topics is the basis of language work, as well as listening comprehension, class discussion, spontaneous conversation, YouTube, use of interactive websites, role-play and grammar exercises. The key aims are to develop in students the ability to write different text types and to express themselves spontaneously about a range of topics.

Depending on student interest, possible topics include:

  • Discrimination including racism, sexism, homophobia and the rights of the child
  • The influence on young people of the media and the Internet
  • Immigration
  • Philosophy and Ethical Questions
  • The Environment 

Literary studies could include a novel, poetry and song, topical magazine articles, music, media and the internet, multi-culturalism, film study, depending on the interests of the students. Students are encouraged to see films in French, either at the Alliance Française or at film festivals, and cultural visits are sometimes organised. 

Students are also given the opportunity to sit the DELF Scolaire exams and to compete in the Alliance Française Concours Oral.

Level 2 French and recommended Merit pass in Level 2 External examinations, or with approval from the HoD of Languages.