Geography: Level 3

Qualification - NCEA level 3

Course Outline

Geography is a holistic subject which encompasses both Physical Science and Social Science approaches. It is the study of the earth’s surface and people and the interactions which occur. It leads into a wide range of occupations from earth scientists and surveyors through to planners and decision-makers in a wide range of disciplines. Geography draws on written, interpretive, research, and field skills to gain an understanding of the world and its issues.

The topics covered are:

● Demonstrate understanding of how interacting natural processes shape a NZ geographic environment: Glaciation in the Wakatipu Basin.

● Demonstrate understanding of how cultural processes shape geographic environment(s): Tourism in Queenstown & Gold Coast.

Students will nominate one of these two external papers.

● Analyse a significant contemporary event from a geographic perspective.

● Select and apply skills and ideas in a geographic context.

● Demonstrate understanding of a given environment(s) through the selection and application of geographic concepts and skills.

● Analyse aspects of a contemporary geographic issue.


A three day field-trip to Queenstown to investigate both natural and cultural processes is usually held within Term One. Contributions to the cost of this field trip will be added to students' accounts.

16 credits in Level 2 Geography or with prior approval from the HOD Geography.

Scholarship Geography

Scholarship Geography requires students to critically analyse a geographic context and transfer and apply geographic ideas and understanding.

Within an unfamiliar context, students will be required to communicate a critical analysis of a particular setting by interpreting the geographic nature of the context, evaluating geographic perspectives and applying the critical analysis to another setting.

Assessment will be based on a wide variety of resource materials related to a geographic context. The student will be expected to demonstrate understanding of a range of geographic methods, skills, ideas, fieldwork, and perspectives developed through the study of the Level 3 course.

Content studied in the Level 3 course of study will not be specifically assessed. The student will be required to transfer and apply geographic ideas and understanding to an allocated context. Tutorials will be offered in the Dunedin area.

Geography Level 3