Drama: Level 2

Drama Level 2 is currently being taught at John McGlashan College. Entry into this course is subject to approval and availability of space.

Course content

This course builds on skills gained in NCEA Level 1 Drama.

Students will:

  • Explore the elements of drama; role, time, space, action, tension, focus

  • Investigate drama techniques; voice, movement, gesture and facial expression

  • Use the conventions of drama to devise and structure a performance

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a drama/theatre form

  • Reflect on drama processes and performance experiences

It requires in and out of class time work and further develops student skills in devising, improvisation, theatre technology, acting, responding and reflecting on theatre practice, effective communication and group responsibility. Drama has strong links with English, History, Music, Dance, and Classics.

For more information, please visit the Drama weebly on: http://jmcdrama.weebly


Level 1 Drama or with the approval from the TiC of Drama Department, John McGlashan College.

Extension opportunities:

View live performances in Dunedin or Christchurch


Sheilah Winn Shakespeare 2023 Competition

Theatrefest Competition 2023

Drama Level 2

Acceptance into a John McGlashan College course is at the discretion of Senior Management, in consultation with relevant HoDs. Students need to have good time management skills. Contributions to the cost of field trips may be added to students' accounts. There are limited places available for this course.