Visual Arts - Art: Level 1

Qualification - NCEA level 1

Course Overview

Learning at this level involves understanding the processes and procedures involved in making artworks through practical work. This process is an ongoing cycle of thinking (researching and planning), decision-making (drawing), producing (painting), and self-evaluating (thinking and re-planning).

A variety of artists’ approaches are studied, and used as a means of understanding and demonstrating ways of communicating meaning in artworks.

Students apply their knowledge of existing art-making practices to explore ideas and solve problems in both workbook and folio formats.

Big Ideas

  • Art-making is an expression of an individual’s culture.
  • Creativity comes from curiosity, risk-taking and critical thinking.
  • Knowledge of established conventions is needed to create new artworks.
  • Artworks communicate ideas and evoke responses.
  • Art builds connections between different communities.
  • Art is a medium for learning more about the Maori world view.

Art: Level 1