Mathematics: Level 3 (3 courses offered)

Qualification - NCEA level 3

Course Outline

Level 3 Mathematics provides a sound base for study in many fields. There are three courses offered at NCEA Level 3: Calculus, Statistics, Mathematics and Statistics. Students may select one or two of the courses.

LEVEL 3 CALCULUS (24 credits)

Calculus provides mathematical study appropriate for students with an interest in the continued study of mathematics or its use in any field where analysis is an important tool. Calculus equips students for many areas of work. It also equips them with effective means for investigating, interpreting, explaining and making sense of the world in which we live. All five of the NCEA Level 3 Achievement Standards for Calculus will be offered in this course.

Prerequisite: Achieved 2.6 Algebra, 2.7 Calculus, and 2.2 Graphical Methods.

Recommended: At least Merit grades for the Algebra and Calculus externals. 

Calculus: Level 3

LEVEL 3 STATISTICS (20 credits)

Statistics provides mathematical study appropriate for students with an interest in the continued study of statistics or its use in any field where the collection, analysis and interpretation of quantitative or qualitative data is important. Statistics have a broad range of practical applications in everyday life, in other learning areas such as the Sciences, Geography, History, Economics and in the workplace.

Prerequisite: Achieved 2.12 Probability Methods, and 2.9 Statistical Inference. 

Statistics: Level 3


This course includes standards from both Statistics and Mathematics and provides an alternative pathway for students.

The Level 3 Mathematics and Statistics course follows on from the Level 2 Mathematics Data and Modelling Course.

Prerequisite: Pass 2.12 Apply probability methods in solving problems.

Entry is subject to the approval of the HoD.

Mathematics and Statistics - Alternative Pathway: Level 3


Students who take Calculus and/or Statistics may apply to the HOD for entry to the Calculus and/or Statistics Scholarship course. The content for these courses is as for Level 3 Calculus and Statistics but a single and high-level external paper is written. Tutorials for this group of students will be offered during the year.