Music: Level 3

Qualification - NCEA level 3

Course Outline

Level 3 Music builds on the skills of the Level 2 course.

At Level 3 music students are able to co-create their course to best suit their interests. Choices range from performance to composition/arrangements and research. Students have the ability to specialise or to keep their choices broad. 

Music Level 3 (Making Music)
Music Level 3 (Music Studies)


Level 2 Music or approval from the HoD of Music. 

Students must learn an instrument, or singing, throughout Year 13


Candidates will submit a portfolio of work, including a critical reflective analysis.

The portfolio must contain evidence of the candidate’s work as either a performer, a composer, or a musicologist. A portfolio is an organised collection of evidence that clearly communicates the candidate’s knowledge, understanding, and skills relevant to the Scholarship Music Performance Standard in their chosen discipline.

The performance, composition, or musicology portfolio must include a written critical reflective analysis.

Students wishing to undertake scholarship music should consult with the HOD.