Economics: Level 2

Qualification - NCEA level 2

Course Outline

Level 2 Economics is designed to let students examine the issues of the day. The course is current - allowing students the opportunity to explore and understand why these issues happen. The Standards assess the common elements of each issue.

This course focuses on the issues of the day – it provides an excellent introduction to macro- economics.

Students will understand how economic concepts and models provide a means of analysing contemporary New Zealand issues as well as how government policy and the issues interact.

This subject is one of the two subjects that can be chosen as part of the Agribusiness (Commerce) course. (For Agribusiness, in the Commerce pathway Y12 Economics or Y12 Accounting must be chosen)


There are no prerequisites for this level of Economics but Level 1 is an advantage. Students may start Economics at this level, with the approval of the HoD, so long as they are prepared to do some catch-up units or tutorials.

Economics Level 2