Chemistry: Level 2

Qualification - NCEA level 2

Course Outline

Level 2 Chemistry is a course that develops a knowledge of the properties and reactions of chemical substances and an understanding of the theories that we use to explain the behaviour of the materials that make up our world.

Students will be offered a course with 19 or 20 credits.

Practical work is an important and integral component of the course.

Students will be expected to purchase a textbook, which will be used in conjunction with the teaching.

Topics covered include organic and inorganic substances, redox reactions, quantitative analysis, atomic structure and bonding, energy changes and equilibrium.

The final number of credits offered may be subject to change. 


16 credits in Science Level 1 (including Science 1.5) are required to enter Level 2 Chemistry. Alternatively, students may discuss entry into the course with the HoD of Chemistry.

Chemistry Level 2 2023