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German: Level 3

Course Outline

This is a continuation of the Level 2 course, developing the language skills further. The themes are based on worldwide issues and topics concerning Germany and German-speaking countries.

The following topics could be covered, according to students’ interests:

  • The environment and its protection
  • Media and the Internet
  • Music
  • Multiculturalism
  • Young people in Germany
  • Division and Reunification of Germany (film study)

Use is made of authentic language materials such as film, magazines, songs, internet material and shorter novels.

By the end of the Level 3 course students should be able to discuss issues and express opinions in German, be able to read and understand a range of authentic material and be able to write in a more sophisticated style using a wide range of vocabulary and language structures.

They should also have some understanding of the social, cultural and political issues relevant to German-speaking countries.


Level 2 German and recommended Merit pass in Level 2 External examinations, or with approval from the HoD of Languages.