Physical Education: Level 3

Qualification - NCEA level 3

Course Outline

This course offers the opportunity to experience and participate in a wide range of physical activities, in a variety of contexts. Knowledge from Level 2 Physical Education will be built on and applied to a variety of situations. A high level of critical inquiry is required for most achievement standards and evaluations relating to socio-cultural aspects are required for most standards.

Topics covered include:

  • Exercise Physiology
  • Biomechanics
  • Motor Learning and Control
  • Sociology in Sport and Exercise
  • Sport Psychology
  • Principles and Methods of Training
  • Social Issues

Some of the practical classes may include duathlon, cross-country, skiing and badminton. Alongside this students will be participating in regular physical activity during class time as well as classroom-based activities. Contributions towards the cost involved with some of the activities may be billed to the students' accounts.


16 credits in Physical Education Level 2 or 16 credits in Level 2 English and Science. Entry may also be granted with approval from the HoD of PE.


A student who wishes to sit Scholarship in Physical Education should consult with the class teacher, then be prepared to meet with following criteria.

Critically evaluate aspects of the following:

  • the recommendations as a positive generalisation for the population to become active while discussing the problematic nature of general recommendations for all people
  • the physiological responses to high-intensity physical activity
  • obesity as a trend afflicting the health of people in New Zealand society. Responses should define and explain the terms, consider the problematic nature of the issue, adopt a personal position and present a reasoned argument to support the position
  • a scenario, drawing on knowledge of related motor learning/skill acquisition factors

It is expected that students will have a broad knowledge of all topics covered in Level 3 Physical Education.

Scholarship will involve a separate examination that will be externally assessed.

Physical Education Level 3