Scholarship Awards

Scholarship is externally assessed. It is designed to extend the very best students and to financially reward very able students who are going on to tertiary study. It is not a qualification. There are five classes or levels of monetary awards. These range in value from $500 per subject to $10,000 each year for three years.

Students sitting Scholarship will be assessed on their ability to think laterally and in the abstract. The examinations generally cover the same knowledge and skills as Level 3 Achievement Standards, but the standard of performance required is much higher.

Details of the programme can be found online at

The STUDENT area on the NZQA website is a useful gateway to information including:

  • the examination timetable
  • past examination papers
  • study tips

There is also a secure part of the website where you use your National Student Number (NSN) and password to log in. If you have not logged in before, you must first register to generate a password. This enables you to access information NZQA holds about you including your Record of Achievement. Students will gain an NSN card outlining details in Term Two.