by Chris Jones-Sexton

Columba’s International Programme

Personalised learning programmes are provided for each student.

Columba College offers a fully integrated, mainstream academic programme for girls from overseas, Years 7 through 13. Our academic results are among the top in Otago and New Zealand.

Each girl’s individual programme is assessed and mentored from the outset. Each is given the ESOL support needed for her to achieve alongside Kiwi girls whose native language is English.

International girls can strive to gain NCEA and University Entrance in New Zealand.  Alternatively, many girls may achieve the necessary qualifications to gain admission to their university of first choice back home or in the United Kingdom, North America and Australia. We offer a full IELTS programme and SAT tutoring.

To enjoy the benefits of eLearning, all International students (like the local Columba students) are required to have a MacBook Pro 13” laptop or MacBook Air 13” laptop.

The Principal and Dean will help with purchasing arrangements as needed.

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