by Chris Jones-Sexton

Accommodation Options

Both boarding and homestay options are available.

Columba College offers on campus boarding facilities which house over 100 students from both New Zealand and overseas. Boarding at Columba is an opportunity to become independent in a safe and supportive environment with close access to the campus and its amenities. International students live alongside their New Zealand classmates, forming strong friendships that last a lifetime.

Alternatively, home stays offer first-hand experience and understanding of another culture as well as daily practice of conversational English in a family setting. This option is often attractive to older girls, especially those who plan to go on to university in New Zealand. Our staff follow a thorough selection process for all homestays and all placements are vetted by the New Zealand Police.

A third option is for parents to choose a relative or close friend living in Dunedin as their daughter’s accommodation provider. Although this is a private arrangement, our staff are still involved in monitoring the placement to ensure students are well settled.

Regardless of which option you choose, our international staff will ensure that your daughter is settled and well cared for so she can focus on making the most the high quality education on offer at Columba College.