Grade Appeals

A student is able to lodge an appeal against a grade they have received for internal assessment. The appeal must be made within FIVE school days of receiving a marked assessment. The student must first lodge an appeal with her class teacher and the assessed work must be left with the teacher. To formally lodge an appeal,the student must fill in the GRADE APPEAL FORM (attached below), to be found at the end of the Senior School Student Handbook. At this point, the student must leave the work and the GRADE APPEAL FORM with their teacher. If the student does not leave the assessed work with the teacher, no appeal will be considered. If the work is stored electronically, then it cannot be edited in any way.

The teacher will then refer the matter to the HoD, who will reassess the disputed script or send it for external moderation, if appropriate. The teacher will then advise the student of the outcome of the appeal.

The student may further raise the issue with the Principal’s Nominee if she is still has grounds to dispute the HoD's decision. He will then reach a decision in consultation with the HOD and will communicate this decision to the student. Ms Piebenga’s decision is final and absolute