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Photo by Crohn's & Colitis New Zealand Charitable Trust

Interview with Bianca Howe of Shine On, discovering why they chose to support CCNZ.

Crohn's & Colitis New Zealand Charitable Trust —

Bianca Howe is Assistant Buyer at Shine On and has been in the position for nearly a year. Bianca is also an IBD patient.

Can you share a little about Shine on?

Shine on was the brainchild of Fee Kirkpatrick who began by selling vintage clothing on Trade Me. Fee, joined by her husband and her brother, grew their online following and eventually branched out into becoming a very successful online fashion retailer. From there they opened retail stores. There are currently two in Auckland and our first South Island store is due to open in Christchurch in May.

How did you hear about CCNZ?

We have members of both our staff and our Facebook pages who have Crohn’s or colitis and have therefore put CCNZ forward as a suggested charity to receive donations.

What made Shine On want to support CCNZ?

Every month we ask our following on social media to vote for the charity they think is most deserving of a donation. They are also able to add charities to the poll we run so people can vote for other charities. CCNZ was added to this poll!!

As an organisation can you explain why you support projects like this?

Shine On has a 'Giving Back' programme that is about supporting our wider community by contributing to or meeting a charity’s or individual’s specific needs. We achieve this by raising funds through our sales and also encouraging donations.

Where can you go to find out more information about Shine On?

You can find at online at www.shineon.co.nz and also on Facebook under Shine On.