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Interview with Adrian Douglas of the Freemason's, discovering what the Freemason's are and why they chose to support Camp Purple Live.

Adrian Douglas, Freemasons New Zealand —

Adrian Douglas joined freemasonry in 1999 and is a Past Master (Chairman) of New Zealand Pacific Lodge No.2 in Johnsonville, Wellington. He is also a member of the Freemasons Charity Management Committee.

Can you share a little about what the Freemasons are?

The best way to describe what freemasonry is: A Brotherhood of good men meeting and working in harmony, teaching strong moral and ethical values in personal, family and community behaviour and a code of caring for others. 

I have taken this quote from a book called Simple Answers To Leading Questions available here: https://freemasonsnz.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/2019-redrafted-Simple-Answers.pdf .

We currently have 5700 members in 207 Lodges in New Zealand.

How did the Freemason’s hear about Camp Purple Live?

I stand to be corrected on this - but I’m pretty sure the initial approach in mid 2016 came from an adult dealing with Crohn's, Cathie Guilford, who approached the Johnsonville Club for a community grant to assist with the Camp in January 2017. Being on the Board of the Club considering that application, I was touched by the story. I approached my Lodge, New Zealand Pacific No.2, to see if they would also support the camp. An application was also made for assistance from the Freemasons Charity. I have been delighted to see subsequent support from Grand Lodge (our head office), The Freemasons Charity and a variety of Lodges and organisations connected to Freemasonry.

What made the Freemason’s want to support Camp Purple Live?

Charity forms a significant cornerstone of our organisation and helping people in need in the community is a big part of who we are. We were all touched by the story and the Camp has made a lasting impression on all of the members and others who have attended. The camp attendees we have spoken with are so impressive in the way they are dealing with and overcoming the challenges they face.

As an organisation can you explain why the Freemason’s support projects like this?

We often look to support community based projects where results and benefits are tangible and significant to those involved. We are aware the organisation gets little government funding and we appreciate the approach taken to offer support and networking to carers as well as the children and young adults attending the camp. 

We are also aware of the significant input from volunteers. In a recent visit and presentation at the camp I described Camp Purple as “the camp of heroes”. I think that sums it up pretty well! 

Where can you go to find out more information about the organisation?

I would recommend looking at the link above and we also have some web sites:

Freemasons NZ


The Freemasons Charity


In addition to this, we are very open and happy to discuss freemasonry. If you know a member, ask them about it and why they enjoy it!