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KICK - Campaign

Angus Drinnan —

KICK - stands for Kindness, Inclusivity, Care and Kawa and will be used to promote students to be their best.

As a prefect team this year we are continuing the efforts from last year and building up the KICK campaign.

Kindness is shown to your teachers and your peers, inclusivity is shown as including everyone despite differences, caring means caring for yourself and the environment and kawa being Kia manaaki – be respectful and kind, Kia māia – be courageous, Kia rawe – be your best (personal excellence). These were chosen from a well-being survey and feedback from all students in 2022. We will be reintroducing KICK with a short video made by the prefect team which gives the students a simple idea of what it means. For each half of terms two and three, we will be encouraging and applying a different letter of KICK. This will involve lunchtime activities and a reward system using LOKAS (living our kawa award). These will be given out by the prefects and teachers to students who are displaying the focus letter of KICK, and lead to a lucky draw with prizes. We are excited to get this launched and to get the whole school involved in working on this together.