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Disability Justice
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Extend the benefits of ACC to all disabled New Zealanders

Kathleen Laing —

A petition is circulating to the Houses of Representatives requesting that funding for New Zealanders disabled by congenital conditions or illness be equal to that of funding for all who qualify for the support of ACC.

Kathleen Laing (who is part of St Martha's, Dunedin), the instigator of this petition, writes:

The current system is discriminatory, treating people in two classes according to the cause of their disability. I do not believe it meets the needs of disabled New Zealanders in a fair and just manner. Those who are eligible for ACC support because they were disabled by an accident can access more funding than those whose disability is due to congenital conditions or illness. This may apply whether the funding is to live on, for treatment, for house alterations, or for a suitable vehicle.

For many of you who are very aware of the two tiered approach we have to funding disability in New Zealand, this petition may be of interest. You can access it in the following link - please pass this on to others in your networks. 

Petition of Kathleen Laing: Extend the benefits of ACC to all disabled New Zealanders - New Zealand Parliament (www.parliament.nz)

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