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See also the full article about the above Gospel Conversations series. 

Local Media

Saying sorry not enough: A day late and a dollar short. That was the phrase used by Dr Tom Doyle, a non-practising Catholic priest to describe the church’s apology, at the Royal Commission into Abuse in Care last month, to those damaged by clergy sexual abuse. (ODT editorial, 7 April 2021)

Chilling weather fails to dampen procession: More than 50 members of four Queenstown churches shrugged off rain and wind to take part in a multi-denominational Easter Walk of the Cross yesterday (ODT, 3 April 2021)

Ecumenical spirit for easter walk of the cross: As the rain began to fall, Oamaru’s church communities came together to share the traditional Easter Walk of the Cross yesterday morning. (ODT, 3 April 2021)

St Peter’s vicar retiring but not slowing downHugh Bowron is realistic. The 68-year-old St Peter’s Anglican Church vicar knows, just because he is retiring, it does not automatically mean he will get to sleep in on Sundays. (ODT, 3 April 2021)

National Anglican News at Taonga 

Archbishops share Easter gratitude: The Archbishops of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia have shared an Easter message of gratitude for God's love made real – especially giving thanks for all those who have worked to protect and bring healing in this year of pandemic.

Podcast tackles suicide pandemic: Manawa o Te Wheke youth enabler Mira Martin has shared her insights from years of experience promoting wellbeing for Māori youth in a ‘Sacred Teachings’ indigenous wisdom podcast for the Anglican Church of Canada.

Archbishops launch St John’s review: The Archbishops of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia have established an independent review into the culture of the learning environment at the College of St John the Evangelist in Auckland.

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Funny Story…

  • ‘The Devil’ is taking a leaf from Christ at Easter and turning the other cheek? Read this slightly ironic great “WWJD” moment here.

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