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Remembering the church in your will

Andrew Metcalfe —

At various times in life most of us think about our wills and how we can help people and organisations once we have gone.

We have a handbook to assist your thinking around this in relation to the church, which you can share with your lawyer when making or updating your will. 

The Social Justice Committee currently offer grants from previous legacies, but are finding that some of the historic ones are a little hard to work with. The committee has noted that it would be very helpful for them to have more freedom than the 'aged care' focus many of the bequests they deal with have. In the 50's and 60's aged care was a significant missional need that was emerging in the community, just as children's homes had been in earlier years. Who can predict where God may be inviting us to serve in the future... so general or less specifically targeted bequests would be helpful

The handbook (attached below) gives helpful advice on how to get the wording right, so that your local faith community - or the wider diocese - can benefit from your legacy in the future.

We really appreciate it when individuals remember the church in this way and are so thankful for people past and present who have enabled us to continue our mission of "reading the Bible, praying and living out the life of Christ". 

Please contact us (phone 03 488 0821) if you would like a copy of this handbook posted out to you. 

Anglican Diocese of Dunedin — Image by: Andrew Metcalfe