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Dunedin Pandemic Framework
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Ngā Puna Mihinare - Latest Pandemic Response Policy and Guidance

Andrew Metcalfe —

Below are links to the Pandemic Response Framework and Diocesan Policy for Worship at all Alert Levels.

General Instructions

The documents below will assist faith communities who have in place an Action Plan for the Provision of Ministry for Level 2 as previously outlined. While we do not require plans for Level 1, those who have these in place will be able to continue worship (subject to any revised Government directives) for any movement back into Alert Level 2. 

All parishes with approved plans are noted on the Worship On-Line and Live web page. This site also directs people to your own websites or contact details. 

The links to other documents referenced above follow:

These documents are also available from the Health and Safety Page on our website in the Pandemic Resources folder. 

Here are links to other appendix documents associated with the Pandemic Response Framework

If you are aware that people are not able to access this information electronically, please contact Nicola Wong and we will get it to them another way.