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Financial Care for Christians, Clergy and their families

Diocesan Pensions Committee —

Anglican Financial Care particularly provides for the care of clergy and lay employees. Please note we have received word of a halt to grants from the Health Fund - read on for details....

Health Fund- Please note that AFC is forced to suspend grants from the Health Fund as of 1 April 2024.  

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Anglican Financial Care administers a variety of funds. They provide a Christian Kiwi Saver scheme that more generally available. The Diocese of Dunedin also has a local Pensions Committee which works alongside Anglican Financial Care to provide additional support...see below for a recent update to local guidelines for support...

Anglican Financial Care has the following services

Pension fund: Stipendiary Clergy contribute to this fund and they and their spouses have access to a pension and benefits upon retirement.

It is less well known that Anglican Financial Care administers other schemes and funds which are available to others, as well as to Stipendiary Clergy (see below)

Christian Kiwi Saver Scheme

Ethical investments available to all Christians in Aotearoa - New Zealand.

Christian Kiwisaver Scheme Christian KiwiSaver Scheme

Clergy Widows and Orphans Endowment

Welfare Fund- Financial assistance for Clergy, Spouses and dependents. Means tested.

Health Fund- Please note that grants from this are suspended from 1 April 2024.  Applications may be  made to the Welfare Fund. 

Mortgages- available to clergy, widows and widowers, members of Christian Kiwi Saver, Parishioners.

Eligibility Criteria

Specific information and your eligibility may be obtained from: Anglican Financial Care

  • Clergy, Spouses and dependents may wish to discuss these matters with the Bishop or their Archdeacon.
  • Retired Clergy: Bishop Steven has appointed Ven Sue McCafferty to the position of Bishop's Chaplain to Retired Clergy. If you would like to be included on this contact or visiting list, and have not been contacted, please let Nicola Wong (EA to Bishop Steven) know (contact details below). 

Diocese of Dunedin Pension Committee and Clergy Benevolent Funds

This local Committee advises about the allocation of benevolent funds available to clergy within the Diocese. This is controlled by Statute 15 The Clergy Benevolent Fund Statute 1988 (2006). 

While Anglican Financial Care offers grants and loans this local committee more usually offers grants of smaller monetary amounts.

  • Clergy (stipended and non-stipendiary, retired and in active ministry or their widows and widowers) are invited to apply to this committee if they require financial support. In the past items such as dental work, glasses, vestments for the newly ordained and some moving expenses have been supported.
  • If Clergy are finding electricity costs difficult over winter, and your parish is not able to support you, please get in touch with the Committee, as it may be able to help.
  • Support may also available for Clergy who have retired and may have costs associated with this e.g. relocation from a church provided house to a private home. Please contact us to find out more.
  • The Committee asks that receipts or quotations are supplied. Requests are to usually be made prior to, or within 3 months of, being incurred.
  • Please note, the Committee has recently decided on new criteria: That it will in principle, support up to 50% of a request for assistance (to a maximum of $2000), with discretion to vary the total amount granted or to decline the request for support. (We are fortunate to be one of only a few Dioceses to have a local fund for assistance and want to ensure that the income from the fund is used as evenly as possible, without depleting the capital for future years).

Requests should be sent to Mrs Nicola Wong at the Diocesan Office bishops.pa@calledsouth.org.nz, telephone (03) 488 0826, Monday to Friday 8.30am - 2pm. Nicola can also offer further information.

Current (2024) Members of this Committee, appointed by the Diocesan Council, are:

The Bishop, Mrs N. Wong, Ven D Plimmer, Rev'd V. Galletly, Mrs S. Kyte.