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Connecting Faith: Mulled Conversations 2021
Video by Called South

Connecting Faith: Mulled Conversations 2021

Andrew Metcalfe —

Over the winter of 2021 some mulled conversations took place in rural locations throughout the Diocese. Our latest Connecting Faith video looks back...

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We talked to Bishop Steve Benford and the Venerable Anne van Gend about these Mulled Conversations - a joint venture between The Diocese of Dunedin, the Catholic Diocese of Dunedin and local Presbyterian churches. The invitation was for all to join Bishop Steve Benford and Bishop Michael Dooley for a relaxed evening of drinking mulled wine and mulling over questions about life, the universe and everything! 

In this interview, we ask +Steve and Anne:

1.How did this idea for mulled conversations come about?

2.What was the reason for it being a partnership with the Roman Catholic Church as well as others?

3. What’s the value in the conversations from your perspective? 

4.What stood out for you in some of them?

 5.How do you see something like this “Connecting Faith”?