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Boundaries Workshop Series for 2022

Bishop Steven Benford and Diocesan Educators —

The Diocesan Ministry Educator, Ven Dr Michael Godfrey, and the Diocesan CYF Educator, Rev'd John Graveston are leading a series of Diocesan wide Boundaries Workshops. Attendance at a Boundaries workshop every three years is an essential requirement for those wishing to hold, or holding, a Licence or Permission to Officiate from the Bishop.

Bishop Steve writes:

Lay Ministers:

It is an essential requirement to ensure that you have attended a Boundaries Workshop within the last three years if you wish to be re-licensed or are being Licensed for the first time with a Lay Licence. Current Lay Minister Licences expire this Pentecost and attendance at one of the sessions listed below is necessary if you wish to be licensed. 


Until now, it has only been a requirement for Clergy holding a Licence (not a PTO) to complete Boundaries Training every three years. In view of the increased responsibilities being undertaken by those with a PTO, I have come to realise that this does not meet current best practice. As Clergy undertaking ministry, whether full time, part time, or on occasion, we have an obligation to protect all who we minister to and amongst.

And so, from the beginning of 2022, it is a requirement that all Clergy with a PTO or Licence attend a Boundaries Workshop every three years, as a minimum. If you haven’t attended a course in the last three years, you will need to ensure you attend one of these sessions so that your Licence or PTO is able to remain current or be renewed.

If you are not sure  when you last attended a Boundaries workshop, please contact Nicola Wong, EA to Bishop Steven, for information  bishops.pa@calledsouth.org.nz or 03 488 0826 

Boundaries Training Courses:

Dunedin Archdeaconry: 

Wednesday February 16th 6:00-9:00 p.m. at St Mark’s, Green Island

Saturday March 19th 9:00-12:00 p.m. at St Mark’s, Green Island

Central Archdeaconry:

Tuesday February 22nd 10:00am – 2:00pm at St Andrew’s, Cromwell (starting with a Eucharist)

Southland Archdeaconry: 

Saturday May 14th 9:30am – 12:30pm At Holy Trinity, Gore

Please RSVP to Nicola bishops.pa@calledsouth.org.nz or 03 488 0826 to register.

Please note these are Vaccine Pass only events.