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From the Diocesan Ministry Educator....

Ven Dr Michael Godfrey —

Have you found something left behind and wondered who it belonged to?

Michael Godfrey writes:

"In my travels around the Diocese I appear to have lost various items of liturgical clothing … if you happen to be hiding this Guatemalan stole in a cupboard or drawer some where could you please arrange for it to make its why back to the Diocesan Office? It is much missed.

Image by: Michael Godfrey

Also missing is a black soutane … sort of a lightweight black cassock with lots of cloth buttons down the front (supposed, I believe, to be 39 but there isn’t enough room so it only has about 27!), and a sort of flappy thing on the shoulders. I’d love to see that again if it happens to be in your cupboards.

All that aside … may you have a Godbreathed Christmas and New Year