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Microft 365 Not for Profit

Microsoft Office Available at Not For Profit Rates

Andrew Metcalfe —

Parishes have sometimes asked if they can access MS Office for church and clergy at the discounted rates available to registered charities. We are able to arrange this for any Parishes or Churches that are interested.

What's available? 

There are two different Microsoft bundles we can offer to Parishes. These are a fraction of the price for a regular personal or business subscription, and it means that you have a version of Microsoft that is always up to date. The days when you could purchase a one-off licence is gone, as may are finding out when they renew any Parish/Church laptops or computers. 

Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium - $4.50 Ex GST per Month ($54 plus GST per year, non-charity rate $239 per year)

Contains Desktop and Web versions of the following applications, hosted email with Exchange Online, and Cloud Storage.

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft 365 Business - $7.60 Ex GST per Month ($91.20 plus GST per year, non-charity rate $377.68 per year)

Contains everything in Office 365 Business Premium, as well as:

  • Microsoft Advance Threat Protection (Antivirus)
  • Microsoft Mobile Device Management (Lock stolen/lost devices)

How does this work?

  • Any Parishes or Churches that would like to sign up with charity licencing will need to be migrated to the Diocesan Charity Tenant as we all share the same licencing number. Parishes/Churches will still retain their own individual mailboxes and domains (web addresses) but the billing and management would be done directly under from the Diocesan office. 
  • There will be technical time involved in migrating Parishes/Churches to this Diocesan charity status deal, the time needed to do this will vary in each situation: there will be a one off charge for this based on the hours it takes. OneCall will give an estimate for this before beginning any work. 
  • There is a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with each Parish or Church (see attached). This includes billing arrangements, what to do if you need help with any problems (how to log these, including what you need to say so that we know which Parish/Church the problem related to for any billing that may need to happen).

More than one computer?

Microsoft 365 licencing is done on a per user basis, each user can install office, and other applications on up to 5 devices (mobile phones and tablets do not count). We will ask you to identify exactly what you need on your MOU return. 


Please email the Registrar with an initial expression of interest, and return any completed Memorandums of Understanding.