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Keeping Ourselves Safe - 2

Andrew Metcalfe —

This is the second (and updated version) of an occasional note on health and safety in our parishes, workplaces and homes.

Health and Safety

The Diocesan Website has a Health and Safety area with useful templates for parishes, but also information that any of us will find helpful. This is based on resources from the InterChurch Bureau, this link takes you to the full range of templates. 

If you want some support to “personalise” these templates into policies for your own Parish setting, please contact the Diocesan Registrar registrar@calledsouth.org.nz. 

One of these templates called WORKING BEE PROCEDURE AND GUIDELINES. It is useful if you are planning to have a clean-up in an area. It gives a checklist for some things that you may (or may not) have thought about, and can help in making sure things are safe. 

Don’t forget that at this time of the year, one that you (and your Parish) may be particularly interested in is the Safe Driving Policy. Although this is directed at situations where people are using work (including church) provided vehicles, it is relevant to any person who might be using a car on church/parish related activity – for example, transporting people to events or pastoral contact. Ask your parish Wardens/Vestry members if this is covered in your health and safety policies.

Some useful websites for drivers:


Finally, the Southern DHB has a Winter Wellness programme in place. You might like to share this link around your Parish. Also, below we have placed a Southern DHB brochure on Healthy Homes that you might like to share with your friend and neighbours.