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Housing for People
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Social Housing Grants - Social Justice Committee

Social Justice Committee —

The Social Justice Committee (SJC) is able to offer some assistance for Parishes/Organisations within the Diocese of Dunedin involved or looking to be involved in Social Housing Initiatives. You can apply for a grant at any time.

The Social Transformation Committee (a Committee of the Diocesan Council) has limited funds available for social housing for the aged, which are those over 65. Where the housing is not for the aged, you would have to show how they would benefit. However, projects can benefit any/all people, regardless of values, religion, gender, etc. 

  •  “Social housing” means accommodation provided at affordable rates, on a secure basis, to people on low incomes or with particular needs. 
  • Any grant made is intended as a contribution only to projects and does not guarantee ongoing funding.
  • All involved in dealing with the public must have been police checked. 
  • For aged care work the Anglican Church must be involved in the governance of the project.
  • Responsibility for payment of any employee/consultant remains that of the applicant. 
  • Where the applicant is a parish or similar, it may need to consider whether a faculty application is also needed and whether the two applications could be combined (discuss this with the Registrar). 
  • If a loan is proposed, so that funds can be used later by others, the application needs to indicate  how this will be repaid. 

Please note that funding is limited and the Social Justice Committee may not be able to recommend assisting all applicants with their total costs.

Grants are made by the Diocesan Council on the recommendation of the Social Justice Committee.  

Application forms in Word and Pdf format (see below) may be submitted on-line using this link or in hard copy, but in either case must be sent to the Social Justice Committee care of the Registrar (Mr Andrew Metcalfe), so that they can be considered by the Social Justice Committee at one of its regular meetings before being submitted to Diocesan Council for final approval. 

The approval process could take up to 4 weeks depending on when it was submitted (the Social Justice Committee meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, with supported applications being considered by Diocesan Council on the second Tuesday of the following month). 

Application forms/further information:

  • Application for Social Housing Funds – also attached at the end of this article).