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Office Hours
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Diocesan office hours and contact information

Diocesan Office —

The Diocesan office is open Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm, please let us know if you want to visit (03 488 0820) and bring your face covering with you. We prefer to carry out face to face meetings via Zoom.

Peter Mann House Office Team 25 November 2021 — Image by: Andrew Metcalfe

Diocesan Office Update

Some of our office staff are working from home on different days, we are still available to be contacted. Please do continue to email or phone us during usual office hours.

Help with your virtual meetings

A reminder that we can assist you with setting up any viritual meetings you wish to run - Vestry, Housegroup, Bible Study or any small group gatherings. Zoom meetings or Teleconferencing are available through the Diocesan office. See our Contact webpage for more about Zoom. Please talk to Nicola Wong for more information.

Office contact information

To speak to Bishop Steven Benford, please contact his Executive Assistant, Nicola Wong.

Nicola Wong (Bishop’s Executive Assistant): bishops.pa@calledsouth.org.nz, Direct line: 03-488 0826

Andrew Metcalfe (Diocesan Registrar): registrar@calledsouth.org.nz, Direct line: 03-488 0821

Dominique Aitcheson (Diocesan Senior Accounts Clerk): dominique@calledsouth.org.nz, Direct Line: 03-488 0825

Fiona Gray (Diocesan Accountant):  
accountant@calledsouth.org.nzDirect Line 03-488 0828

Ven Dr Michael Godfrey (Diocesan Ministry Educator): educator@calledsouth.org.nz, Direct Line: 03-488 0829

Rev'd John Graveston (Diocesan Child Youth & Family Educator): youth@calledsouth.org.nz, cell phone 022 049-6029

Ven Dr Anne van Gend (Diocesan Community Ministry Enabler): enabler@calledsouth.org.nz , Cell phone 027 264 7245

Excerpt from Peter Mann House Workers and Workplace Guidelines 

Meetings and other Gatherings at Alert Level Orange

  • Meetings of more than 15 people will be encouraged to continue meeting by Zoom, or to gather in smaller sub-groups at suitable locations that can be connected by Zoom. Offsite locations will be covered by the locality requirements for the CVID-19 protection framework.
  • Individual visitors can continue to meet staff at the office (downstairs meeting space or Boardroom) and should phone ahead to arrange this.
  • We are not encouraging workers to meet with outside visitors in their own office space unless this has been risk assessed and people take appropriate precautions i.e. no more than one person with the staff member, physical distancing and mutual agreement around use of face coverings. 
  • At any time there are significant local outbreaks, the Bishop (in consultation with the Registrar) may decide to transfer all meetings to an electronic (Zoom) format. 

Local Outbreaks

  • A decision may be made to close the office in the event of a local outbreak or if any person based at Peter Mann House becomes infectious and is required to isolate.
  • Rapid Antigen Testing (RATS) kits are available for staff on the first aid box, downstairs foyer area. Instructions for administering these tests are in the same place. If anyone tests positive, please inform the Registrar and leave work as soon as possible. The Registrar may advise immediate closure of the office and arranging extra cleaning and ventilation. 

  • Staff may arrange retrieval of essential items via the Registrar.