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Monthly On-line Service

Bishop Steven —

Join us and others on Sunday 28 August for our next on-line service.

Click here for the Zoom Meeting Link for the 4th Sunday of each month from 9.30 am for a 10 am start.

Meeting ID: 936 0920 3636

  • We have an order of service that can be used for all services (attached below). 
  • Hymns and readings for each service are also attached (these will be updated for each specific date).  

Who can join us for any of our services?

Any group (or individual) who can gather around a screen!

  • In places where church services are only occasional, maybe two or three of you could meet together in someone’s home and join us from there.
  • Faith communities who don’t “need” this but are open to trying something new may like to join us to support smaller groups. (Alexandra is an example of this).
  • Ministry teams of small churches may simply like a week off from finding a priest and filling a roster.
  • Individuals who, for whatever reason, cannot attend a regular service are also welcome to join us and share in spiritual communion if we cannot get the reserved sacrament to you.

If you let us know in advance, we can ensure reserved sacrament gets to any small gathering. If you are wanting to meet in your own church, Anne van Gend can work with you to provide and set up whatever equipment and internet connection is needed.

Please contact Anne van Gend by email or phone (03) 488 0820 extension 207

This is not meant to be a plan to replace communal, in-person worship, but is offering an alternative to both assist some who can gather together but lack a preacher or priest, and for those unable to meet with others.

Why Do this?

This is part of our ongoing commitment to find ways to support and minister with all those across our Diocese, with services planned for the 4th Sunday of each month. We are all aware that there are communities and individuals across our Diocese for whom running or attending a Sunday service can be difficult. There are the regular issues of finding a priest, filling a roster, overcoming distances and so on. With Covid-19 are added barriers, for example physical vulnerability or people needing to self-isolate.

A screen snapshot of a service in process. — Image by: Andrew Metcalfe

Services are using Reserved Sacrament in various physical locations from Stewart Island  to Lumsden, Alexandra and Palmerston, with smaller groups and individuals being given an opportunity to take part in a moment of Spiritual Communion. 

Eucharist — Image by: pixabay.com


Hymns for 28 August 2022 

Scripture Readings, Hymns and the Order of Service are attached below...