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Ko Te Tonga kei te Karaka - The South Calling Survey
Photo by Andrew Metcalfe

How Frequent a Caller? South Calling Newsletter Survey

Diocesan Office —

As we draw to the end of the year, we are thinking about changing how we communicate via our newsletter Ko Te Tonga kei te Karaka - The South Calling. This is a last opportunity to give your feedback.

Complete our survey and have your say.

We have been putting out a weekly newsletter on Thursdays as well as  pushing out other articles/important news to our email group and Facebook at other times.

Putting together a weekly newsletter is a challenge for our small team, but we know that it plays an important part in keeping our Diocese connected as well as sharing information and resources. 

We have been wondering if we have been guilty of "over communicating", and if a move to a fortnightly format, with other important information shared when needed, would work better for our readers... and for the team here!

The most important thing is what you think.

We'd like to give you the opportunity to give us some feedback in the next couple of weeks and tell us what would work best for you. In this survey we ask about how well the newsletter meets your needs, how you feel about the frequency of our communication, if you'd prefer a weekly or fortnightly newsletter and if you have any comments about how we could improve it (including other content you'd find useful)

Complete our survey and have your say.

We have appreciated all the positive feedback and contributions you have given us over the years and we look forward to bringing more in 2022.

Nicola Wong
Andrew Metcalfe