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A passion for Social Justice?

As annual general meeting season is upon us and faith communities are looking at who can take on particular roles, the Social Justice Committee is keen to connect with more Social Justice representatives.

Ondine Godtschalk, chair of the Social Justice Committee writes:

The Social Justice Committee would like to ask that as parishes -faith communities approach their AGMs and elect their vestries, they should consider having someone with a ‘social justice portfolio’. 

Some faith communities do this already. But we are keen for there to be someone on each vestry who would be a social justice advocate and who the social justice committee could potentially make contact with during the year. 

With AGMs currently underway, the committee has asked me to write to each parish to both encourage this and to invite parishes to let us know who that person would be.

The annual returns to the Diocesan Office have a place where such a person can be identified, but sometimes this is left blank. Can you prayerfully consider this and identify who could be your person? 

A reminder that it doesn't have to be someone on your Vestry - there may be another person who has a passion for Social Justice, but they do need to be able to help keep Social Justice on the agenda of your Faith Community's leadership group. A Vestry identified portfolio is the best place to start.