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NZ International Science Festival 2021

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Dunedin Public Libraries are proud to be hosting some fabulous events for the New Zealand International Science Festival 8-18 July

These events are part of the 2021 New Zealand International Science Festival

[Also why not try the NB ExQUIZite Science Quiz?]

Saturday 10th July, 2-4pm (2 hours)
Edible Insects: Past, Present and Future
What is your reaction when you hear ‘edible insects’? “Yum” or “yuck”? Join us as we discuss this interesting topic of insects as food. Edible insects are healthy, economical, and sustainable future food source. They are good for people, our pockets, and the planet - yet why are we not eating them? This event will cover some historical development of edible insects around the world, the current research and development landscape on edible insects, and what the future may hold for the use of insect as food.
Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
Tickets: $2 adults/kids free 
BOOKING ESSENTIAL (limited numbers) 

Sunday 11th July, 4pm (30 mins)
Science Drama at the Library
The Library is home to many amazing science books. Come and see how the Taieri Dramatic Society brings some of these books to life!

Monday 12th July, 10.30am (30 mins)
Science Storytime Special
Bring the family and have a blast at our science-themed storytime with professional storyteller Kaitrin McMullan.

Monday 12th July, 5.30pm (1 hour)
Shark Spy Community Talk
Join shark expert Rob Lewis as he takes you into the amazing world of our local sharks!

Tuesday 13th July, 10am AND 1pm (choice of two sessions, 1 hour each)
About the Heart
What happens to your heart when you exercise? Learn how it works, why it sometimes beasts slow and sometimes feels like it is going to burst!

Tuesday 13th July AND Thursday 15th July, 2pm (2 hours)
Lego Creations
Join Captain Lego and get some inspiration to create your next amazing Lego creation.

Tuesday 13th July, 6pm (2 hours)
Lines & Wines: A Scientific Playreading (adults only)
Suitcase Theatre and Dunedin Public Libraries are pleased to present a special NZ International Science Festival edition of Lines & Wines.

Join us to hear (or choose to participate in reading) a science-themed play. This is a play reading, rather than a stage performance, and audience participation is very much encouraged.

Light refreshments provided

FREE but Booking essential

Wednesday 14th July, 11am (1 hour)
Rubik Rumble Challenge
Get in the Pit and Rubik! Bring your Rubik skills (and cube) and beat the clock. Fastest time wins a Rubik-related prize.

Thursday 15th July, 2pm AND 6pm (2 hours)
Our Ocean: Bringing Climate Data to Life (for Teens)
An immersive workshop exploring ocean climate change, and capturing stories of treasured marine species that give meaning to data. Participants aged 16+ Refreshments provided.

10th-16th July (drop in during Library opening hours)
Creative Connections: reconnect with your creativity at our science-themed craft table.

8th-18th July (drop in during Library opening hours)
Science on the Cube: Enjoy a variety of short science and natural history films produced by students, alumni and faculty of the University of Otago’s Centre for Science Communication.


Tuesday 13th July AND Wednesday 14th July. 11am (90 mins) @South Dunedin Library, 199 Hillside Road\
Thursday 15th July AND Friday 16th July, 11am (90 mins) @Mosgiel Library
Aquavan Adventures: Coastal Connections
Connect to your coast with the Aquavan and staff from the NZ Marine Studies Centre.

Tuesday 13th July AND Wednesday 14th July, 1.30pm (60 mins) @South Dunedin Library, 199 Hillside Road
Thursday 15th July AND Friday 16th July, 1.30pm (90 mins) @Mosgiel Library
Aquavan Adventures: Amazing Adaptations
Get hands on with the Aquavan! Learn about crab feeding and defensive strategies, then meet some marine critters at our mobile touch tank.

Wednesday 14th July, 10am (1 hour) @Mosgiel Library OR 12pm (1 hour) @Port Chalmers Library OR 3pm (1 hour) @ Waikouaiti Library
About the Heart
What happens to your heart when you exercise? Learn how it works, why it sometimes beasts slow and sometimes feels like it is going to burst!

Thursday 15th July, 10am @Mosgiel Library OR Saturday 17th July, 10am @Blueskin Bay Library (in the adjoining Waitati Hall)
Fight Like a Physicist
Channel your inner physics ninja in this fun interactive workshop. Learn how ot use classical mechanics principles to vanquish your opponent.

Other Science events...

Light Cycles

The Otago Museum's free science show is out, and it is all about light! You will zoom through the cosmos in large scale digital wall projections, make a human solar system, and explode some burning star dust as we end with a bang! 

2pm daily, Monday 12 – Sunday 25 July // Otago Museum – Beautiful Science Gallery // FREE

Giants of the Forest 

Otago Museum has some new residents: giant African millipedes that can grow up to 33 cm and have 250 legs and Goliath stick insects! We will bring them out, and you might even get to touch one! 2.30pm, Saturday 10 – Sunday 25 July // Tūhura Tropical Forest // from $10, included with your Tūhura Science Centre admission

Animal Attic Tour
Our intrepid Museum Guides will take you and your children on an incredible adventure through a treasure trove of taxidermy, pinned insects, and pickled and preserved animals in a gallery that is a favourite for children of all ages.
3pm, Saturday 24 July // Otago Museum – Info Desk // FREE

Secrets, Ciphers, and Codes – Science pop-up

For all the future spies in Otago, you can learn how to make secret messages that only your friends can understand using disappearing ink and Ancient Greek scytale ciphers, then we will show you the future with space-based cryptography.

12pm, Monday 12, Wednesday 14, and Friday 16 July // Otago Museum – Lab in a Box – Museum Reserve// FREE