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The latest in the New Zealand collection.

Antarctic Atlas : New Maps and Graphics That Tell the Story of a Continent. Peter Fretwell.
A compendium of fascinating information about all aspects of the still mysterious continent of Antarctica, from the geology and climate to the biodiversity and international research presence, all presented in a compelling visual form. The author is an award-winning cartographer and leading scientist of the British Antarctic Survey.

Astronomy of the Milky Way : The Observer’s Guide to the Southern Sky. Mike Inglis
Part of the Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy series, the second edition of Inglis’s guide to the Southern Sky has been updated with new findings in astrophysics and redrawn maps. If you want to take your amateur stargazing a little further then this volume looks like the ideal starting place.

Common Ground : Garden Histories of Aotearoa. Matt Morris
Common Ground is a social history of gardening in Aotearoa that focuses on the ‘humble’ gardens of ordinary people rather than the ostentatious gardens of the wealthy. We find out what our gardens can tell us about ourselves, how cultural meaning is embedded in gardening practices over time.

The High Road : What Australia Can Learn From New Zealand. Laura Tingle
Experienced journalist Laura Tingle, currently chief political correspondent for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s 7.30 flagship current affairs programme, has written an extended essay comparing and contrasting the political, social and economic fortunes of Australia and New Zealand since the end of the post-War long boom, broadly speaking the neoliberal period of the last four decades. Primarily written for an Australian audience, The High Road gives us an invaluable insight into how NZ is viewed ‘across the ditch’ and is a substantial contribution to the debate around the massive structural changes that have irrevocably changed NZ society.

Ngā Kete Mātauranga : Māori Scholars at the Research Interface. Eds., Jacinta Ruru and Linda Waimarie Nikora
This volume gathers together leading Māori scholars from across the motu who are integrating mātauranga Māori with other knowledge paradigms in a myriad of academic disciplines within our wānanga today. Despite slow progress in many disciplines, Māori scholars are claiming their rightful space in the New Zealand academy and demanding that the tertiary sector become truly representative of tangata whenua.

The Nine Lives of Kitty K. : An Unsung Heroine of the Goldfields. Margaret Mills
A fictionalised account of the life of goldfields’ pioneering woman Kitty Kirk who lived on the goldfields around Lake Whakatipu. This is the first novel by 91-year-old Mills.

When We Dead Awaken : Australia, New Zealand, and the Armenian Genocide. James Robins
Robins explores the connections between the ANZAC invasion of Turkey and the genocide of approximately 1 million Armenians by the Ottoman government – a genocide that the New Zealand and Australian governments continue to resist officially recognising. At the exact moment the ANZAC troops were landing at Gallipoli, leading figures in Armenian society within the Ottoman Empire were being rounded up thus beginning the forced marches and mass murders that constituted the first modern genocide. The atrocities were widely reported in the Australasian press at the time and Australians and New Zealanders were heavily involved in the relief effort so why is it that this event is now so little discussed and recognised here while the events of Gallipoli become more and more mythologised?