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Life Begins the Day You Start a Garden (Chinese Proverb)

Shirley Jones —

We can gain so many benefits from growing a garden and being in a garden.

With days becoming warmer and longer, it is much more enticing to be outside. Working in the fresh air and putting your hands in the soil keeps us grounded. Growing food for yourself and your family/friends is good for your body and the planet. Creating something beautiful for all to enjoy is very satisfying and uplifting. The simple pleasure of enjoying the fragrance of plants in the contemplative space of a garden is so good for our mental health - and this includes indoor plants as well.

We all love a good gardening book to give us inspiration. Some are beautiful to look at, others give us practical advice on all aspects of gardening, and others are memoirs or biographies of gardening people. I have chosen some of my favourites, but there are many more to savour in your library. And there are a number of gardening e-books in our collection you can access, even when the libraries are closed.

New Zealand Gardening: 

Botanica: The Illustrated A-Z of over 10,000 Garden Plants for New Zealand Gardens and How To Cultivate Them. Geoff Bryant

The Coastal Garden: Design Inspiration from Wild New Zealand. Isobel Gabites

Common Ground: Garden Histories of Aoteroa. Matt Morris

The Good Dirt: Improving Soil Health for More Successful Gardening. Xanthe White

Private Gardens of Aotearoa. Suzanne Turley

Indoor Plants:

Home Forest: Interior Micro Gardens. Francesc Zamora Mola

Plant Therapy: How an Indoor Green Oasis Can Improve your Mental and Emotional Wellbeing. Katie Cooper

Garden Design:

Fearless Gardening: Be Bold, Break the Rules, Grow What You Love.  Loree Bohl

Green: Simple Ideas for Small Outdoor Spaces. Ula Maria

How To Plant a Garden: Design Tips, Ideas and Planting Schemes for Year-Round Interest. Matt James

Your Well-Being Garden: How To Make your Garden Good for You - Science, Design, Practice. Alistair Griffiths

Growing Food:

The Abundant Garden: A Practical Guide To Growing a Regenerative Home Garden. Niva Kay

How To Grow Your Dinner: Without Leaving the House. Claire Ratinon

Slow Down and Grow Something: The Urban Grower's Recipe for the Good Life: Cultivate, Cook, Share. Byron Smith

Biographies and Memoirs:

Beth Chatto: A Life with Plants. Catherine Horwood

Rootbound: Rewilding a Life. Alice Vincent

Gorgeous Gardening and Plant Books:

Flora: The Illustrated History of the Garden Flower. Brent Elliott

Fruit: An Illustrated History. Peter Blackburne-Maze

Garden Secrets of Bunny Mellon. Linda Holden

Rewild Your Garden: Create a Haven for Birds, Bees and Butterflies. Frances Tophill