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Nook and Cranny Music Festival 6.0

Kay Mercer —

Sunday 2nd May, 11am - 4pm, City Library

We bring you a cracking start to New Zealand Music Month 2021 with a library full of wall-to-wall live music!

Nook & Cranny 6.0 brings together some of the best of Dunedin’s musical talent for a full-on festival of performances throughout the day, among the Nooks and Crannies of City Library.

Dozens of different acts will be appearing between bookshelves, in the lifts, on tables, and other sound stages unique to the Library setting. You’ll find something to suit pretty much every musical taste among the books, so join us for a free day of great entertainment, celebrating New Zealand’s songwriters in New Zealand’s City of Literature.

With thanks to Brendan Christie, Stephen Hillman, Personn Wil, Tom Bullock, Paul S Allen and the whole Nook & Cranny Festival team of volunteers and supporters, Strawberry Sound Hire and NZ Music Month. And huge thanks to all the wonderful bands, choirs, orchestras, duos and soloists who share their music with the people of Dunedin for the Festival:

Autumn Online - Bella Phillips - Both Sides of the Line - BO and the Constrictors - Boaz Anema - Calla - Catherine KS - Dane Oates Music - darryl baser - Deej Cooper - Dee Street Blues - Dunedin Scottish Fiddle Orchestra - Em and Me - Europa Kid - Folkinfusion and the Lady - FRE3DOM - GREXIT NO GREXIT - Iso12 - Jackson Caine - Jae Bedford - James Dignan - Jimmy Higgs - Katie Nimmo - Katharticus - Kathartipuss - Kōpūtai People's Party - Leigham - Maplewood - Marissa & the Dandelions - Matt Joe Gow - McStew - Molly Devine - Mosaic Sky - Paul S Allen - Pearl Street - Person Will - Philip Fleming - Pop Tops - Pottley Blues Collective - Ronél Hunter - Rosa Black - Rus Ruckus - Sam Beal - Saurian - Scott & The Waxeyes - Shelly - Tabitha Littlejohn - Tall Folk - The Acoustic Paintings - The Wandering Gypsy Jukebox - Your Face

SUNDAY 2nd MAY, 11am to 4pm
Dunedin City Library, Moray Place