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By Hannah
Photo by pixabay.com

By Hannah

Kay Mercer —

Work by participants in Ella West's Twisty Plots teen writers' workshops 2019

Shafts of moonlight shine through a mass of stormy clouds above a solitary old building. Inside the mansion, footsteps echo across the marble floor. A voice sounds in the darkness.

“Eliza? Are you there…? Is anyone at home?”

The voice trails off into silence. A shaft of moonlight breaks through the clouds above, shining on a dark mass near the window.

“Eliza? Is that you?”

Quick steps…

“Oh, Eliza I – Ma’am! Are you alright? Is there anything I can…do? Oh, that’s a pretty nasty knife wound… I suppose I could call someone.” Silence. Then sirens blare in the distance getting closer. The young man stands up, glancing at the door.

The sirens get louder. Presently footsteps can be heard in the hallway, a door opens and a police officer enters the room, gun at the ready.

“There is a figure on the windowsill, silhouetted in the moonlight.

“Stop right there!” the police officer cries as the figure leaps into the night.

The young man’s heart pounds against his ribs. He is running for his life. He has been betrayed. Across the lawn, past the flower gardens. There is no way they would believe him if he told them what really happened. The only other option is not to get caught. Shouts ring out behind him. There is the wall! He can hear running footsteps behind him. Springing up into a nearby tree he swings over the wall and onto the footpath below. He lands painfully jarring his feet on the cold stone. There is a sound of someone crashing through the undergrowth beyond the wall. He runs off as fast as his legs can carry him, vanishing into the darkness.