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The Volcano by Aoife
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The Volcano by Aoife

Kay Mercer —

Writing from Ella West's Twisty Plots workshop participants 2019

Boom! The volcano above Ella’s town lets out an ear-splitting sound, black smoke spewing from the top. She turns from the window to her grandmother sitting in her chair, her worried eyes meet Ella’s.

“Is it erupting?” her grandmother asked, voicing her concerns.

“Yes, well, I think so...” Ella replies nervously.
“Then you must leave child.”

“But what about you, grandmother? You’re the only person I have in the world.”

Tears well up in her eyes.

“I’m too old child, you still have your whole life ahead of you”.

“But... but…..”

“No buts child, you have to go.”

Suddenly Ella is thrown to the ground by an invisible force. Crash! A vase falls and shatters. With an anguished cry her grandmother falls to the ground. As soon as the shaking is over, Ella rushes to help her.

“No, go!” The urgency in her grandmother’s voice tells Ella she needs to leave. Ella runs to her room, legs still trembling from the shock. She grabs the few precious things she owns. Her father’s dagger, and a seashell necklace her mother had given her.

The earth shakes again. The motion throws Ella face down to the floor. As soon as it stops, she collects her belongings and stands up. Winded and dazed, she stumbles to the backdoor and out into the garden and onto the street. Coughing, she joins the other survivors rushing to escape the ruins of the town. Soon she’s at the peak of the nearest hill, looking back at the ruins of her near-deserted town. A rumble from the volcano makes her look up and she sees fast flowing lava engulf her town.