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Watercolour Painting

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Did you know that July is World Watercolour month? We can't think of a better time to explore your creative side. To help you learn more about painting with watercolours we've created this handy book list.

Buildings in watercolour - Richard Taylor

Chinese watercolour techniques for exquisite flowers - Lian Quan Zhen

Creating luminous watercolour landscapes : a four-step process - Sterling Edwards

David Bellamy's complete guide to watercolour painting

David Bellamy's skies, light & atmosphere in watercolour

David Bellamy's winter landscapes in watercolour

Drawing and painting portraits in watercolour - David Thomas

Fearless watercolour for beginners : adventurous painting techniques to get you started - Sandrine Pelissier

Flowers in watercolour - Wendy Tait

From sketch to watercolour painting : pen, line and wash - Wendy Jelbert

The fundamentals of watercolour painting : a complete course in techniques, subjects and styles - Keith Fenwick

Jean Haines' atmospheric watercolours : painting with expression, freedom and style

Learn to paint in watercolour : with 50 small paintings - Wil Freeborn

No more wishy-washy watercolor - Margaret M Martin

One watercolor a day : a 6-week course exploring creativity using watercolour, pattern, and design - Veronica Lawlor

Paint radiant realism with watercolour, ink and coloured pencil - Sueellen Ross

Paint with the watercolour masters : a step-by-step guide to materials and techniques for today's artists - Jonanthan Stephenson

Painting perspective : depth & distance in watercolour - Geoff Kersey

People in watercolour - Trevor Waugh

Practical watercolours : materials, techniques & projects - Curtis Tappenden

Tate watercolour manual : lessons from the great masters - Tony Smibert and Joyce Townsend

The watercolour flower painters A-Z : an illustrated directory of techniques, from backruns to wet-in-wet - Adelene Fletcher

The watercolourist's essential notebook - Gordon MacKenzie

Water in watercolour : learn how to create beautiful pictures - Joe Francis Dowden

Watercolour for the absolute beginner : a clear and easy guide to successful painting - Mark Willenbrink

Watercolour landscapes : start to paint with 3 colours, 3 brushes and 9 easy projects - Geoff Kersey

Watercolour : a beginner's guide - Elizabeth Horowitz

Watercolour painting : expert answers to the questions every artist asks - George James

Watercolour painting : step-by-step - Jackie Barrass

Watercolour rainbow : exploring the colours in your palette - Hazel Soan

Watercolour without boundaries : exploring new ways to have fun with watercolour - Karlyn  Holman

William Newton's complete guide to watercolour painting.

You can paint vibrant watercolours in twelve easy lessons - Yuko Nagayama