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Fiction review: Nightingale Square series by Heidi Swain

Dianne Mears —

South Dunedin Librarian Diane Mears stumbles across a treasure of a trilogy

I came across book two in this trilogy by accident, and then realised it was part of a series. Of course I had to go back and start at the beginning...

These books were a delight to read and very hard to put down (hard for me anyway). You get invested into the lives of those who live in Nightingale Square and race to finish each book to get to the next one.

The amazing community of Nightingale Square has grown and evolved into something special as you follow their journey through the books. During book one, Sunshine and Sweet Peas in Nightingale Square, we are introduced to Kate, who has moved away from her ex-husband and to start a new life. But then there is news that developers plan to demolish the mansion and turn their haven into something else. Add into the mix the mystery stranger - Luke. You'll have to keep reading to find out what happens.

Book two, Poppy's Recipe for Life, revolves around Poppy and her desire to live in Nightingale Square. So many things happen in the book that you'll want to know how it ends. Can this community come together and win a competition, or will they find things just get too much and give up?

The last of the trilogy is The Winter Garden, where we are introduced to Freya, who is employed by Luke to create and maintain The Winter Garden. Added into the mix is Finn, a builder by day but a sculptor by night. Can he be who he wants to be or does he conform to his father's wishes and give up his dream? He and Freya clash from the start but there is something between them, can they overcome it all and live the dream?

So, if you are after a light but fun read, give these books a go. I really did enjoy them and have since read a few others by Heidi Swain that the Library has in our collection.