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Kid's Picks

Rachel Kean —

New and recommended books for children

It Fell from the Sky The Fan Brothers

This is an exquisite book that will be enjoyed by readers of all ages. The story revolves around an object that has fallen from the sky into a garden full of inquisitive insects. The mysterious object (a beautiful marble) creates quite a spectacle and is so popular that an entrepreneurial spider sees a business opportunity, selling tickets, promotes it as an exhibition. All goes well until one day a 5 legged creature appears and takes the marvel up to the sky. This really is a special book.

Party Parade Leanne and Sara Miller

This is not only a fabulous counting book but also an entertaining ‘look and find’. Beautiful illustrations, a poem and a cute little mouse to find on each page make this a counting book with a difference.

Gustav and Henri Andy Matthews

This graphic novel will be popular amongst followers of such authors as Dav Pilkey (Captain Underpants) and Jeff Kinney (Diary of a Wimpy Kid). The story is full of adventures, escapades, and capers that are bound to entertain. Full of busy illustrations, this is the first of a new series. You will laugh out loud at the humorous adventures this hilarious duo get involved in.

Invasion Jeff Norton

This is the new action-packed sequel to “Dino Knights: Panterra in Peril”. The story is set during the middle-ages, a middle-ages where dinosaurs roam the earth. When their home town comes under threat Ellie and Henry go against their parents' wishes and join the Dino Knights to defend their territory. Full of illustrations of knights riding dinosaurs this is perfect reading for those into adventures.

Begone the Raggedy Witches Celine Kiernan

Mup’s aunty, the one person who made sure everyone was happy, has died. As if that isn’t awful enough, as she returns home from the hospital Mup sees witches above her family’s house – a frightening sight. Mup senses that everything is about to change, however she has no idea how radically. As the story progresses she discovers she has amazing powers she never knew about. In fact, there is a lot she doesn’t know about. It turns out that her mother has a few secrets from the past and she also has secret powers. This is the first in a promising new series, “The Wild Magic Trilogy’.

Legendarium Jennifer Bell

This is the second in the Wonderscape series and follows on from the book Wonderscape.

Cecily is watching her friends Arthur and Ren, who are in the middle of a hot dog eating competition, when suddenly their dog (who, it turns out, is a robotic dog) disappears into a pond. What happens next will amaze you! All of a sudden the group find themselves standing in the middle of a huge warehouse in the year 2493. Though they are not strangers to time travel, this sudden change has them very worried. Reading this book is a bit like being in a video game but is more intense, so grab a seat, buckle up and enjoy the ride.