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ExQUIZite Tunes

Rebecca Keenan —

Turn it up to eleven with this edition’s quiz, celebrating this year’s NZ Music Month

There’s just one mega round this time, with answers to be found at the end of this issue. Good luck and rock on!

Sweet sounds of Aotearoa

1. On what album did the Neil Finn-penned mega hit ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ appear?

2. What summer smash became the most successful NZ song recorded in New Zealand on a Kiwi label by a New Zealand artist?

3. Dunedin bands The Chills and The Clean were flagship acts on which Christchurch-based record label?

4. Which Kiwi legend created the soundtrack for the Footrot Flats movie?

5. Dame Kiri te Kanawa made her 1969 debut as which iconic operatic character?

6. What was the first song in te reo Māori to top the NZ charts?

7. What instruments did Don McGlashan play in the Auckland Symphonia?

8. What band was Shayne Carter a member of before Straitjacket Fits?

9. Bic Runga’s debut album ‘Drive’ was released in what year?

10. Which gifted violinist, with over 500 compostions to his name, became New Zealand’s first fully professional composer?

11. Bill Urale won the first Silver Scroll Award to go to a hip hop artist under what stage name?

12. What was the name of Anika Moa’s second album, which contained the acclaimed song ‘In the Morning’?

13. Which distinguished Māori leader collected hundreds of songs and chants from around Aotearoa, collected in found volumes as Ngā Mōteatea?

14. What’s the name of the annual NZ-wide competition for group-singing secondary school students?

15. Who is the current Mozart Fellow at the University of Otago?

16. ‘She’s a Mod!’ was the a number 1 hit for which performer and his band?

17. What was the first country artist to win the New Zealand Entertainer of the Year award in 1983?

18. What thrash metal band write and record tracks in te reo Māori?