Non-fiction Highlights

New Nonfiction May

New and recommended reads from the non-fiction collection

Accidentally Wes Anderson. Wally Koval
A catalogue of beautifully quirky places from around the globe, reminiscent of Wes Anderson's cinematic works. It provides a travel guide that captures the symmetrical, the atypical, the unexpected, the vibrantly patterned, and distinctively coloured - places all characteristic of Anderson's unique aesthetic.

Bread Therapy: The Mindful Art of Baking Bread. Pauline Beaumont
The ancient craft of bread-making is intertwined with insights into mindfulness and well-being. Slow down and smell the aroma of baking bread in your home.

Cauld Blasts and Clishmaclavers: A Treasury of 1,000 Scottish Words. Robin A Crawford
A celebration of the Scots language, a language with Germanic roots and related to Middle English, expressing the wit and wisdom of 1,000 words from airt o' the clicky to yowe trummle.

Dog's Best Friend: A Brief History of an Unbreakable Bond. Simon Garfield
An obvious dog-lover writes an informative and entertaining book on this special inter-species bond. We are introduced to elderly Lido, Simon Garfield’s beloved black Labrador retriever, and he brings

Essex Girls: For Profane and Opinionated Women Everywhere. Sarah Perry

'Disreputable, disrespectful, disobedient; to speak out of turn, and too loudly, and too often...'

The Essex girl in a nutshell. This excellent discussion on women who are looked down upon, is a refreshing read.

Farm for Life: Mahi, Mana and Life on the Land. Tangaroa Walker
Tangaroa Walker runs a successful dairy farm in Southland, and is the much-loved face of Farm4Life, an educational and entertaining online video platform. In his book he touches on mental health, management, motivation, and much more.

My Houseplant Changed My Life: Green Well-Being for the Great Indoors. David Domoney
The 50 most life-enhancing houseplants are revealed in this groundbreaking book. Indoor plants can improve your mental well-being as well as purify the air, and this book will help you get started on the path to greening your home.

The Illustrated Compendium of Weirdly Specific Words: Including Bumbledom, Jumentous, Spaghettification, and More. Tyler Vendetti
From aglet to zopissa, here are 300+ most specific words in the English language, along with their definitions, roots, and (hilarious) usage quotes! You will never be without a word again.

The Life-Changing Magic of Sheds: Pilgrimage to the Bottom of the Garden. Henry Cole
A shed is a refuge from your crazy, busy life. Leave the house, breathe fresh air, enter the inviting space that is just for you, relax and do what you like.

Royal Gardens of the World: 21 Celebrated Gardens From the Alhambra to Highgrove and Beyond. Mark Lane
A beautiful exploration of royal gardens from Europe, Japan and Indonesia. Depicting gardens influenced by Renaissance, Baroque and Moorish styles, and gardens varying in scale from the formality and grandeur of Versailles to the intimacy of the Castle of Mey.

A Richer You: How to Make the Most of Your Money. Mary Holm
The latest guide on how to make the most of your money from Mary Holm, popular author and radio commentator on financial advice. Listen to her radio programme on National Radio. 

A Series of Fortunate Events: Chance and the Making of the Planet, Life, and You. Sean Carroll
A short, but highly informative and entertaining look at the role of chance in evolution. 

Written in Bone: Hidden Stories in What We Leave Behind. Sue Black
World-renowned forensic anthropologist Dame Sue Black takes us on a journey of revelation through the bones of the human body and what they can tell us about a crime. Her compassion, sensitivity and respect for the dead shine through, allowing the reader to learn without trauma.