by Kay Mercer

My Culture | My Story

An oral storytelling competition for young people aged 11-18

Tell us the story of you! Around the World in 80 Tales Storytelling Festival invites young people aged 11-18 to share with us your family traditions and culture.

We are looking for engaging performances that give a glimpse into the wonderful diversity of Dunedin through the lens of the storyteller's experience.

Record yourself telling your 3-5 minute story and share it with us.

- you can enter online and provide a link to your video file
- you can pick up an entry form from Dunedin City or community libraries or Bookbuses and either provide details of the link to your video file, or securely attach a USB containing your video file. Paper entries can be posted to us or handed in to any of our libraries
- download the entry form if you wish to submit your entry in print form with your file on a USB drive

Prizes will be awarded to the top 6 entries selected by our judges, and the winners will be invited to tell their story in person at one of three Around the World in 80 Tales Storytelling Festival events at Dunedin City Library in 2021 (July, September or December).

ENTRIES CLOSE: 31st May 2021