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The latest in the New Zealand collection.

Community Law Manual: A Practical Guide to Everyday New Zealand Law
The answers to most of our everyday legal problems can be found in the excellent Community Law Manual, published by the Wellington Community Law Centre. This new edition contains an additional chapter on how New Zealand’s immigration and refugee systems work.

The Hunters: The Precarious Lives of New Zealand’s Birds of Prey. Debbie Stewart
From the relatively common swamp harrier/kāhu to the rare and threatened New Zealand falcon/kārearea, New Zealand’s birds of prey are beautifully documented in this wonderful book. The book deals with all aspects of the lives of these spectacular birds with stunning photographs showing their lives close-up. Stewart is executive director of the Wingspan Birds of Prey Centre in Rotorua.

Māori and the Environment: Kaitiaki. Eds., Rachael Selby, Pātaka Moore and Malcolm Mulholland
A uniquely Māori perspective on guardianship (kaitiakitanga) of the environment can be found in the essays that form this new collection from Huia publishers but this is a book for all New Zealanders. The extent to which the New Zealand environment has deteriorated compared to the comforting myth of ‘clean, green NZ’ we are sold by the tourism industry is sobering to comprehend.

New Zealand Between the Wars. Ed. Rachael Bell
The two decades between the two world wars were a time of significant transformation in New Zealand society. The worldwide Depression severely impacted New Zealand workers and their families and the resulting political earthquake of the first Labour Government inaugurated the welfare state and the beginnings of fifty years of political consensus around extensive state intervention in the economy and society. The essays here explore all aspects of this transformation.

Pulpit Radical: The Story of New Zealand Social Campaigner Rutherford Waddell. Ian Dougherty
The Reverend Waddell is famous for his sermon ‘The Sin of Cheapness’, first delivered in 1888, on the plight of women workers in Dunedin’s clothing industry which lead to the formation of the Tailoresses’ Union of New Zealand, a royal enquiry, known as the Sweating Commission, and the enactment of progressive industrial legislation. Prolific local historian Ian Dougherty recounts the life and achievements of one of New Zealand’s most influential social campaigners.

Strangers Arrive: Emigrés and the Arts in New Zealand, 1930-1980. Leonard Bell
Len Bell surveys the impact of European refugees and migrants on the cultural life of mid-Century New Zealand. They were artists, writers, photographers and architects who brought with them a commitment to modernist aesthetics that profoundly influenced the development of the arts in New Zealand.

Walking to Jutland Street. Michael Steven
This is one-time Dunedin resident Steven’s first book-length collection of poetry. The title poem refers to Dunedin’s industrial wharf area where some of the poet’s friends shared a flat in 2010. His writing has appeared in Landfall, brief, Ika, Phantom Billstickers café reader and Poetry New Zealand Yearbook.