kids' picks

Kids' Picks

A selection of recommended reads for children.

Picture Books

Animal Music. Julia Donaldson
This picture book is full of bold and bright illustrations of animals playing musical instruments. These and the punchy rhyming phrases that accompany each picture make for a very appealing book to share with babies and small children.  Another great book from this award-winning author.

The Great Monster Hunt. Norbert Landa
When Duck awakes to a strange noise coming from under her bed she is too scared to look to see what is there. Instead she runs for help. Word about the “monster” spreads through the forest like wildfire and soon a group of brave and helpful animals are gathered at Duck’s house. What they find there surprises them. This is a lovely story accompanied by detailed illustrations that really bring the characters to life.

Fiction 7-9

Ninja Kid. Anh Do
Nelson is surprised when he wakes up on his tenth birthday and finds that he no longer needs to wear glasses. He is also taken aback when he manages to do a very athletic flip across his bedroom. But nothing prepares him for the shock he feels when his mother tells him he is now the last ninja on earth. This fast paced and fun story is a bit of a roller coaster ride.

Waylon! Even More Awesome. Sara Pennypacker
Waylon and Baxter have a problem. Their friend “Dumpster Eddy” is a runaway repeat offender who keeps being caught and locked up by the police. This can be a dangerous habit for a dog. Waylon eventually works out that the dog likes being locked up and runs away deliberately so that it can spend quality time with the two friends. This is a humorous book that will have you laughing out loud.

Fiction 10+

Birthday Boy. David Baddiel
Sam can’t wait for his birthday. He spends all his time planning the day: the guest list, the cake, games and activities etc. The party is a great success. That evening Sam takes the opportunity to wish upon a star.  He wishes that it could be his birthday every day. Imagine his surprise when his wish comes true. He soon finds out that having a birthday every day isn’t as great as it sounds.

The Ice Sea Pirates. Frida Nilsson
Miki loves it when her big sister tells her stories and one of her favourites is the frightening legend of Whitehead the pirate who sails a ship called Raven and roams the earth looking for small children to kidnap. One day when the sisters are foraging for food events take a terrible turn: Miki is kidnapped by the Ice Sea Pirates. Will her big sister come to her rescue or will she be forever doomed to work as a slave in the pirates’ diamond mine?